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How Does Buying 20 Real Instagram Followers Work and What Happens After Purchasing?

Purchasing engagement for Instagram from us couldn’t be easier. When buying 20 Instagram followers, you’ll start receiving real people to your IG account fast. These are other active Insta accounts, not those obnoxious bots that will immediately unfollow. Everything will be delivered organically to your handle of choice within one day without losing any in the process. They’re non-drops that don’t unfollow.

Does More IG Followers Have Any Benefits?

Using a service like ours to gain a high quality following has a ton of benefits and can benefit anyone from the average Joe to companies or wanna-be influencers. You can safely increase your following to grow brand awareness or just add 20 more IG subscribers to your circle of influence. Growing your following online gives you a bigger platform to share what you love, whether that’s fashion, social issues, your music, or anything else you’re passionate about. It can be hard to do this organically on social media and that’s why we’re here to help and find the boosting service worth it.

Is It Safe To Buy 20 Real Instagram Followers?

Our website is protected and so is your transaction. Your purchase comes with a 30-day unfollow protection and is completely safe. This ensures that if there are any drops in your friends count, we’ll replace them. We work hard to make your transaction seamless from start to finish. You won’t have to worry about IG banning you when working with us. It’s only unsafe to buy 20 funs for IG when you’re purchasing fake bots from other websites.

Where’s the Best Place to Get 20 Active Instagram Funs?

Though there are many options online, many of them deliver bots and think they’ve done their job. Inst.ag is the best site because we give you real and targeted people, have a 30-day unfollow policy, and our quality delivery will give you organic results in record time. We don’t require your account password like other websites.

Does It Cost a Lot?

Another downfall of other subscribers buying websites is that they cost a lot. Our packages are cheap and affordable. It’s the best way to grow a reliable and authentic presence online. When you make a purchase you can get 20 organic IG followers if you paid less than $2! That’s a really good price and you’ll start receiving a genuine following in an instant.

The Step-By-Step Process

Buying legit and authentic fans from us is simple. People from the UK, USA, India, Australia, Canada, Nigeria and other countries can use our services. These easy to follow steps to gain a larger fanbase in just a few clicks.

  • Start at our website and click on the tab at the top that says “Followers.”
  • Pick the 20 followers package, then you’ll be prompted to enter your Insta profile link. No password will be required, but you will need to keep your account set to open until delivery is complete.
  • You’ll enter a credit card number (VISA or Mastercard, Discover or AmEx, Google and Apple Pay) to pay for your order.
  • Then you’ll get an email confirmation as soon as the order you’re paying for is complete. Your fans should arrive within 24 hours.



Is it bad to gain an online presence this way?

There is nothing wrong with when you buy 20 instagram followers engaged on social media. It’s way more common than you’d think. Even popular celebrities, small companies, and want-to-be influencers pay for their online presence. It’s especially great for businesses trying to get a following.

Can you get banned on Insta for buying 20 followers?

According to IG, your account can get banned if you buy bots. Because you’re buying real subscribers here, there is nothing to worry about. The accounts following you after are active users, just like you.

Will the ‘Gram delete my account if I buy 20 followers on Instagram?

IG will not delete your account if you use our services If the popular app plans to hold you accountable for doing so, they’ll warn you to change your password first, as if you were hacked. When you buy from us, nothing will be detected as abnormal.


I have a small Instagram blog about graphic design. I launched a contest and said that if I get a certain number of fans by a particular date, I will share some secrets of my work. But for doing so I was needed only 20 new friends. I decided that this was not good situation for my reputation and that my followers would think that nobody is really interested in my blog. So I ordered them here. And this was the best decision, cause after that I constantly arrange such activities and add a few subscribers by purchasing them. Thank you, guys, for the quality and fast service!


Kenny ★★★★★

Never thought that such services can work like this one. I was assured that they sell only fakes and Asian users. But I was soooo wrong! According to my experience with this site, I can tell that all my 20 new fans are real people. I don’t know if they will unfollow me after some time but now I’m glad. 


Nicknick ★★★★

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