If you are still not using Instagram as an effective tool for keeping in touch with your audience or you are not sure in its need, then this article will help you to look at this social network from a new perspective!

Here you can find basic statistics that you need to take into account in order to increase your online presence and start making money on your account. This information will help to understand the main levers of management better and choose the right and highly effective marketing strategy. 

Instagram user statistics

The first question that might interest you is who uses Instagram? Approximately 1/8 of all inhabitants of the planet uses this social network. This impressive data demonstrates the popularity of the platform, and also opens up a whole world of opportunities for you to learn how to use it properly. 

1. Monthly number of Instagram users reaches 1 billion

In this indicator, Instagram gives way only to Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, about half out of 1 billion users open Instagram every day! Excellent information that motivates you to take action, is not it?

2. Most users are outside the US 

88% of users from different parts of the world outside the United States are active participants in the Instagram community. People run an online business, offering their products or services so that advertising revenue has reached $7 billion the last year. This social network erases all borders and you have the opportunity to run your business from any country, be it Japan, Indonesia, Russia, India, Turkey and so on. You will succeed anyway. 

3. 71% of Instagram users are under 35-years old

Since the majority of users are quite mature and conscious, you are more likely to quickly gather your target audience and get active followers and potential buyers. Moreover, the gap between men and women is minimal. 

4. 72% of American teenagers have an Instagram account

In the autumn of last year, Instagram became the number one platform for teenagers, surpassing the popularity of the famous Snapchat.

5. 95% of American Instagram users actively visit YouTube

Moreover, 91% also have a Facebook account, and 60% use Snapchat. Such statistics suggest that you can tell about your business on several platforms at once, creating a strong connection with the audience from different social networks, gradually expanding it. Just imagine what positive result you will get and what success you can achieve as soon as possible. 

6. 35% of adult Internet users run an Instagram account

Moreover, 28% of these users live in the USA. This means that such users are financially established people who can become your customers if you approach your business seriously and thoroughly. Moreover, additional social surveys showed that Instagram users cover all income levels and can afford to order something from the Internet if they like it. Thus, the picture of salaries has the next look:

  • < $30,000 is earned by 44% of Instagram users,
  • $30,000–60,000: 45%,
  • $60,000–70,000: 36%,
  • $70,000–80,000: 55%,
  • $80,000–100,000: 46%,
  • > $100,000: 60%.

7. A brief survey of general statistics

For a simpler perception of information, below additional data that you need to consider when creating your ideal marketing statistics is collected:

  • 34% of users have reached young adulthood around the year 2000,
  • 22% of all users visit Instagram daily at least once a day,
  • 38% of Instagram users log into their Instagram several times a day,
  • 25% of people having smartphones run the Instagram account.

This helpful information gives you a general idea of ​​what you can count on Instagram. Now you have something to think about. 

Instagram usage statistics

The second important question that anyone who decides to use Instagram to make money is – how do other people use this social network? This is important information because thanks to it you will be able to decide which business is profitable to do and in which direction you should move to get a good result. Therefore, the statistics collected below will help to sort out this issue quickly.

8. Users under 25 years old spend 32 minutes on Instagram every day

At the same time, users 25+ spend 24 minutes on Instagram. Therefore, if you want to gain user attention, you need to use all the tools that this social network provides. These tools, first of all, include Instagram Stories, which will help to make your profile more vivid, attractive and original.  

9. Instagram users put likes to 4.2 billion publications every day

This impressive data demonstrates unlimited opportunities for your business. For example, for comparison, in 2016, Instagram was used by only 500 million people, and now this figure has increased twice. The same goes for users’ activity. So, do not waste time and connect Instagram as one of the effective sources of traffic and profits. 

10. Every day, 95 million new posts appear on the platform

Do not wait for the right occasion – just start creating interesting, useful and beautiful publications. Otherwise, how do other users find out about you? Now is the most perfect time to act! 

11. 500 million users post Instagram Stories every day

This figure has increased significantly compared with 2017 when Instagram Stories used only 300 million daily. Basically, this function is used by about 2 million brands in order to acquaint the audience with their products, since this format is more easily perceived and causes more lively interest. Try it yourself and find out how easy, fast and convenient it is. Tell others your story today!

12. 80% annual growth in the popularity of video publications

Back in 2013, Instagram provided its community with the opportunity to publish not only photos but also video materials, which were used by active users for publishing 5 million videos during the first 24 hours after the announcement of such news. Videos allow you to describe or demonstrate your business more emotionally since you get an extended range of influence and can reach the maximum number of audience. Create live, bright and even funny videos that will surely find their viewers. Do not be afraid to be open and sincere.  

13. Cristiano Ronaldo has 157 million followers on his account

Despite the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys unprecedented popularity, he is not the only one who has such a huge number of followers. For example, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez have 147 and 146 million followers respectively. At the same time, the Instagram account itself has 283 million fans. Therefore, if you want to become popular, then Instagram is a nice platform with great features. 

14. A brief survey of general statistics

Some additional statistics on how people use the Instagram platform. Perhaps this information will motivate you to bring this social network to your main traffic sources:

  • 60% of all users learn about new products and services through Instagram,
  • Facebook purchased Instagram ownership rights for $715 million,
  • On average, people spend 53 minutes on Instagram using the Android app.

Instagram for business statistics

Instagram has long proved its high efficiency for business development, as this platform is equipped with all the necessary tools to attract new customers and potential investors. For those who are still undecided whether this social network is suitable for running their business online, we have collected several statistics that will help to understand this situation.  
15. In the US, 71% of businesses maintain an Instagram profile

The data showed that Instagram was ahead of even Twitter, which was previously assigned this status. Moreover, this indicator continues to grow, so it is possible that soon the whole business will have online support. So hurry up in time. 

16. Instagram has 25 million business accounts

Statistics show that every day about 200 million people attend at least one business profile. It can be anything from clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, concerts, travels, etc. Moreover, 96% of all world fashion brands have an Instagram account. Thus, if you have something to offer to users, feel free to present your products or services. Instagram will always connect you with your target audience. 

17. 2 million advertisers use Instagram monthly

This platform is great for maintaining a lively contact with the audience because you can get instant feedback that will help you to know which way you need to move and what needs to be improved in your business. 

18. 80% of all users are subscribed to at least one business profile

Users do not hesitate to subscribe to different brands, just as they are not afraid to make online orders, which proves the high efficiency of the Instagram business platform.

19. 60% of Instagram users find new products and services here

Since the Instagram community is quite large, people get acquainted with new products and services in this social network, as they see ads or recommendations from influentials and well-known bloggers. 

20. 75% of Instagram users are taking active steps

This means that people are not afraid to buy things or order services they like. Moreover, users are more likely to visit the main site, where they can place their order after viewing the Instagram account of a brand. 

21. The probability of making a purchase via mobile devices is 70% higher

Most users prefer to make an online purchase through a mobile device – it is convenient and fast, and you can place an order even being away from home.

22. Instagram boasts a 2.2% interaction rate

This social network has surpassed all others, beating even Facebook, which has reached only 0.22%. Thus, Instagram is the clear winner with the highest level of user engagement. 

Other Instagram statistics

  • 50% of all businesses in Instagram are actively using Stories,
  • 50% of Instagram users follow brands, taking into account all the news and tips.

After reading this article, you have become more prepared for new adventures on Instagram. We hope you no longer have any doubts about the necessity of this social network for the successful development of your business in an online environment. Focus on your goals and start moving towards them today.